Margaret Pageler - Leadership in water and environmental sustainability
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... Protecting Public Health

Funding for public health programs is being slashed at all levels of government. Margaret Pageler led the fight on City Council to restore dollars for community clinics, increase support for drug treatment, and add home-visit nurses for at-risk families.

Margaret at the water lab.

Strategically, Margaret brought in expert advice to help make the clinic services fiscally sustainable. She championed an effort to get the associations of Washington cities and counties to make funding public health their top priority in Olympia this year.

Margaret served on the State Board of Health for six years and is a long-term member of the Seattle/King County health board. Issues in Margaret’s portfolio include:

  • High standards for migrant farm workers’ housing
  • Policy guidelines on environmental justice
  • Health care workforce diversity initiative
  • Risks from residual pharmaceuticals in reclaimed water
  • Reducing racial disparities in infant mortality and other conditions

Margaret knows how to bring the big picture of public health policy down to the personal. In March 2002 she learned that a Seattle Police Sergeant, Randy Yamanaka, had been denied time off to donate bone marrow to a one-year-old boy who had leukemia. The problem was in the city’s personnel rules. Margaret promptly introduced legislation needed to change the time-off policy and to ensure donation benefits for city employees.

In writing to thank Margaret, Randy said:


You have been an ardent supporter for the police and the difficult job they do. And your work in the arena of health care has been exemplary. I, of all people, have seen that first hand.”


Margaret Pageler.

Margaret Pageler