Margaret Pageler - Leadership in water and environmental sustainability
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Margaret's Endorsements

  "Seattle's greatest resource is the diversity and the talents of our people."

Seattle Times endorsement

"Seattle City Councilwoman Margaret Pageler is the steady incumbent on a rocky council, a quiet, thoughtful leader who grasps the broader issues of the region. She is endorsed by The Seattle Times for a fourth term."    Read the endorsement.

   Muni League
  rated Margaret

- the only candidate
   for Position 5 to
   achieve the

Municipal League of King County logo

      highest rating of  . . .   OUTSTANDING


The Seattle PI endorsement"Margaret Pageler deserves to be re-elected. Her 11 years' experience will be all the more valuable if new members emerge from other races. More than anything, Pageler offers the regional vision, dogged determination and strict ethical standards that sometimes escape current council members."     Read the endorsement.


South Seattle Star endorsement"We endorse Margaret Pageler because there is not a better candidate in this race. She works hard on whatever particular issue is her committee assignment..."

9/30/03 NEWS FLASH--Mayors for Margaret!

Seattle ex-Mayors Norm Rice, Paul Schell, Charlie Royer and Wes Uhlman agree on one thing -- Margaret Pageler is the Seattle city councilmember who must be returned to office in November.
"Margaret is a shining example of the kind of leadership we need on the Seattle City Council. She is smart, energetic, dedicated, and courageous. She learns about the issues, considers the alternatives and makes tough decisions aimed at improving our city now, and for the future."
For excerpts from the September 29th letter of ex-Mayors Rice, Schell, Royer and Uhlman to Seattle citizens, click here:

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Endorsements by Organizations

And here's what some people are looking for on the Seattle City Council:

Margaret Pageler.

Margaret Pageler