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9/30/03 NEWS FLASH--Mayors for Margaret!        
Seattle ex-Mayors Norm Rice, Paul Schell, Charlie Royer and Wes Uhlman agree on one thing -- Margaret Pageler is the Seattle city councilmember who must be returned to office in November.
"Margaret is a shining example of the kind of leadership we need on the Seattle City Council. She is smart, energetic, dedicated, and courageous. She learns about the issues, considers the alternatives and makes tough decisions aimed at improving our city now, and for the future."
Here are excerpts from the September 29th letter of ex-Mayors Rice, Schell, Royer and Uhlman to Seattle citizens:

"We all know Margaret personally and give her our highest recommendation. She is someone we need to retain as an elected leader in our community. Here’s why she needs our financial support now.

"Margaret understands the need to revitalize our economy and provide jobs. That’s why she has taken tough stands to strengthen our economy, protect existing businesses, encourage new business investments and increase job opportunities. During these uncertain times, we need an experienced leader to reinvigorate our economy.

"Margaret also understands the importance of protecting the environment that makes Seattle such a special place to live. In recognition of her record protecting our environment, she was elected to the International Environmental Leadership Committee, a worldwide group of leaders who promote environmental protection measures. Margaret is the only representative from the United States elected to this international body.

"And Margaret understands the importance of providing us all with the vital public services we need to keep us safe and healthy, even during tough times. She has been instrumental in increasing public safety and providing health services to those who need them most and who can least afford them. And she has worked tirelessly to keep our utility rates under control.

"Margaret’s vision for the future includes a revitalized economy in our city that allows us to nurture the talent of all Seattle’s citizens. She wants to engage the world in trade and in the exchange of ideas that will build on our region’s successes in software, cancer research, aerospace and curing disease. And she wants to make sure we have the services we need at rates we can afford.

"Please join us in supporting Margaret’s re-election . . . so we can retain her experience, integrity and leadership on the Seattle City Council."

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Margaret Pageler.

Margaret Pageler